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The world’s First & Best Water-less Body Wash

DryBath® Gel is an innovative gel that can be used as the world’s first Water-less body Wash. DryBath® cleans your body by using the skin-rubbing motion of your hands to gently remove dead skin cells & full-body odour. It achieves this without damaging your skin’s natural protective barrier with germicides or the need for much water. DryBath® provides you with water-less hygiene when you don’t have the Time, Privacy, or Water to shower…or times when bathing is just inconvenient or awkward.

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15ml of gel cleans 1 full avg. adult body, and our active essential oils & Tawas odour-eliminator have a cleaning effect on the skin. One 250ml bottle provides 15 washes, enough to replace all showers for half your month if you use it 3-4 times a week.



Shake gel to activate, then vigorously apply & rub the gel onto your skin. Use a damp cloth to wipe- off any visible dirt afterwards. Otherwise, leave gel on your skin to moisturize, without rinsing off. Full-body odour is cleared after gel absorption & drying. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs after use.


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