#DryDays Gallery

DryDays Gallery

This is where we share the stories of how our DryBathers experience and use our awesome gel.

ONE 250ml bottle of DryBath® lasts for 15 washes. A bottle lasts for a month if you use it 3-4 times per week! ONE DryBath bottle can cut your bath-water needs by up to 50% Monthly. Buying it on the #DryDays campaign also gives you a 50% discount on the price, so share it with friends and family!


Why the DryDays Crowdfunding campaign?

We’re taking on the challenge to make our gel Accessible & Affordable to all income groups across the world. Our DryDays Crowdfunding campaigns run dynamically, focussing on regions/cities that are experiencing extreme drought or water shortages. The gallery is a great repositoty of how they all went.

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WC Gov Smart Innovation Tour- with Keet Van Zyl from Knifecap

2018 Cape Town DryDays Challenge