1. Where Does the Dirt Go? Unless you’ve been sweating in Gym or have stains on your skin, there isn’t any real dirt on your skin, just body odour. If you walk into a smelly kitchen, you don’t scrub the whole kitchen when you can simply take the smelly bin out…why do you do that scrubbing to your skin/hair/body everyday?
  2. Is it safe? Please read ingredients to make sure you are not allergic. The product is dermatologically tested to be safe for use on sensitive skin. We’ve had customers that have skin allergies for tap water use DryBath with no reaction (see: aquagenic urticaria)
  3. Does Drybath Gel have alcohol? No, our formula is safe enough to be mildly ingested without any toxic result (Do not ingest the gel, it is not food!)
  4. Does DryBath Gel kill germs? No. Nowhere near what a proper germicide does. Using a germicide on your skin is a bad idea. Germicides are great for hands, but terrible for your skin.
  5. How long can I go without showering with water & soap? We have designed DryBath to be effective for 14 days of consecutive use before you start needing a water-based wash, but the optimal ritual is to use it every 2-3 days to give your skin a break from harsh soap & chlorinated tap water.
  6. Why is it so expensive? We sadly don’t have the economies of scale to sell DryBath at our desired price of less than $0,50/wash, but we’re hard at work to get there asap